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reccomendation of actions to take: in this case a reliable organization to support for the integraton of immigrants in italy
Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 18.49.44.png(logo of the organization above)

 Progetto Integrazione in a nutshell:


Born in 1991 it is registered as a non-profit organization able to take action on the integration of immigrants that is expected from law 40/98. The Organization takes part in the European Anti-Poverty Network and the European Network against racism. Starting from 2002 it has been a partner of the SIS (Sistema imprese localià a.k.a local business system).

It gains its funds mainly through governmental aims that look to integrate immigrants properly and is supported by the Italian government.


This organization has the aim to help immigrants integrate into the different and changing culture through their researchers and operators in innovative manner that changes with time.


  • MLC (linguistic and cultural mediation): they give services for language and cultural help and entertainment to help refugees settle in and integrate.
  • formation: formation and orientation of immigrants and refugees.
  • research: plan and research on the conditions of immigrants for a further understanding on their situation to offer more helpful support.
  • projects: provide scientific assistance for immigration projects and directly address social improvement of migration status
  • informative support: offer information and counselling on judicial-administration on the theme of immigration
  • awareness: promote the initiative of awareness and debate for the integration of foreign citizens

 more information:

address: via Volturno 30, 20124 Milano

email: coop.progint@tiscali.it

phone number: (+39) 02 6698 6000

fax: (+39) 02 68 85 13 36

opening hours: monday – friday 14-18

website (where you can find all this information and more): http://www.progettointegrazione.it

+sul sito web della organizzazione queste informazioni sono scritte in Italiano