There are four main stereotypes that people in Europe believe on refugees, ideas that are untrue and a construct of racism and our fear of difference.

The first issue people are afraid of is that the Muslim refugees will completely overtake Christianity and that their religion will over rule. This statement is extremely untrue. Statistics have shown that even if the European Union by itself would take in all Syrian refugees (about four million) and if all the refugees were Muslim the percentage of Islam would only rise for about 1% from 4% to 5%, a change that would not effect the grand scheme of things. This isn’t something new or different a muslim minority is normal and the fear of an Islamic overtake is wrong.

the ratio would look something like this:Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 19.38.21

The second main fear is birth rates and that the fear that because in many parts of the world the birth-rates are far higher that thus of Europe people of the European countries will be overpopulated by the refugees. This thought process is Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 19.24.33.pngvery wrong. It has been observed over decades and it is proven that s the standard of living and education rise the rate drops and adjusts to that of the country. Further more the country with the biggest flux of refugees (Syria) has a falling birth-rate due to war and for a few years now their population number has been declining rather than rising. Again this fear is irrational and has been proven wrong.

Another stigma that is maybe the most popular is that people believe that refugees and immigrants are more prone to crime and that these people are criminals. Study shows that actually refugees are less prone to crime than the native population. And most importantly when integrated properly they tend to c
reate businesses and pay much more into the tax system, contributing to the economy. Moreover mostly they are eager to work and to do so honestly and professionally, a much-needed help for Europe to move forward. They also tend to work for jobs that are becoming ‘extinct’ like cobblers for example and jobs that natives don’t take part in lik
e janitors or road cleaners. They not only contribute positively to the economy but they also keep jobs alive.

Finally the ‘scariest’ stereotype is the collapse of our social system. However this is a irrational fear, the European union has the strongest group of the strongest economies worldwide and should be able to take this problem head-on.

Therefore the main issues that push people to exclude refugees and to not help them with their integration are irrational and often the opposite of reality, so help out and spread the message that integrating refugees is a huge advantage.

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